About Us

WEINGRILL is today an expression of the Weingrill Family which, from 1879, is following the tradition of artisanal production of a very high quality goldsmith, presenting exclusive jewels, elegant, solid that you can wear everytime and everywhere, warranting a reliable, punctual and careful assistance to the specific request of customers and market.

WEINGRILL was established in 1879 by Carlo Weingrill, undisputed maestro of golden craftsmanship; it developed and was increased by Weingrill Family ​until​ today when the fourth generation manage it, proposing a sophisticated and exclusive product with a very high level of quality

It would be very restrictive to say that WEINGRILL produces only necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.
Really​,​ WEINGRILL wants above all ​to ​share with its customers its knowledge and experience about its research on material and innovative finishes as PVD or titanium on tubogas.

It will be enough to have in your hands either the silkness of DUEMETRI tubogas necklace or the elasticity of a rolling bracelet to wear everyday, to fall in love with WEINGRILL.

  • WEINGRILL is contemporary elegance without any ostentation
  • WEINGRILL is harmony of shapes
  • WEINGRILL is evergreen fashion beyond time and out of time
  • WEINGRILL is to wear freely
  • WEINGRILL is night and day, chic and ​casual​
  • WEINGRILL is solidity, reliability, quality and technology
  • WEINGRILL is polisensor​y​, to wear and to touch
  • WEINGRILL is pure Italian creative art
  • WEINGRILL is past, present future…. ​I​s the absolute.

WEINGRILL has always tried to bring into the world and to defend the ​M​ade in Italy as an award-winning ​company ​on the product and on the price; these are the basis of the dynamism and relationship with its customers lasting since 1879.